In Cat® lift trucks’ new DP/GP/GPE15~35N models, we developed a comprehensive safety system of immobilizing the lift truck and its hydraulic functions.

Presense Detection System LogoThe key concept is to immobilize the lift truck when the sensors fail to detect operator’s presence on his seat, so as to prevent accidents caused by remote human error.

With five key safety functions, when the operator is unseated, PDS will:

  • Travel Interlock – Disengage the transmission, preventing victims from being caught by moving machines.
  • Mast interlock – Disconnect power from the hydraulic lift and tilt functions, preventing hydraulic mast functions if operating levers were accidentally shifted.
  • Neutral Safety Start – Only allow the engine to start when transmission is at neutral. This prevents the lift truck from surging forward or backward when starting.
  • Seat Belt Warning – Flash a seat belt visual warning lamp on the instrument panel, to remind the operator to fasten his seat belt.
  • Park Brake Alarm – Sound a buzzer, when the parking brake lever is released while the engine is off, and when the operator leaves his seat without applying the parking brake.




AC power has been around for some years and is gaining popularity in European countries, why is that so? Highlighted here are some of these features found on Cat® Lift Trucks electric counterbalance range:

  • Ideal for gradients and applications where the speed and power of an IC engine truck is needed.
  • The powerful AC based traction motor is sealed against dust and water splashes and features optimum torque for excellent acceleration, traction, speed and regenerative braking.
  • Strong regenerative braking speeds up work cycles, extends battery life and returns energy to the battery. It also reduces heat build-up in the motor and protects components from premature wear, giving better energy efficiency.

Other AC powered warehouse trucks include the electric Pedestrian Power Pallet movers, electric Pedestrian Stackers, and the entire electric Reach Trucks range listed on this site. Ask your local dealer for more information.




While our standard lift trucks are built to meet all your applications, we have also included innovative options to offer you some customization. Options like overhead guard for container use, dual fuel engines, cyclone muffler (spark arresting), air cleaner, dust warning indicator, radiator net, high speed fan for the hardest conditions, roof cover, the list goes on and on and on.

Think of it as fine-tuning a car for race day. Contact your local Cat® lift trucks dealer for your lift truck tune up today.

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